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December, 2023
Hall No. 8,9,10 Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

An International Expo for the Growth of Indian Surface Treatment & Finishing Industry

24 | 25 | 26 August 2023

Frequently Asked Question

1. How do I register as an exhibitor for ISTF EXPO 2023? 

To register and submit your booth preferences, Please visit https://istfe.com/exhibitor-registration/ .

2. Where can I access the detailed floor plan for the event? 

You can write to us at sales@acem7.com, or shikha@acem7.com, for further queries/details.

3. What are the different sizes and types of booths? 

We offer both raw and constructed (shell space) booths. Booth sizes options include minimum 9sqm or maximum as per your choice 12sqm, 15sqm, 18sqm, 21sqm, 24sqm and so on.

4. Whom do I contact for booth charges and other commercial terms and conditions?

The booth charges are Rs. 16,000/- sqm + 18% GST for Shell space and Rs. 15,000/-sqm + 18% GST for Raw space for minimum 9sqm.  For further clarification/details, contact Deepak Kumar, (+91) 99116 07755 or Shikha Chouhan, (+91) 98737 50096.

5. How can I get in touch with someone regarding a specific event during the exhibition?

Write an email or call  sales@acem7.com, (+91) 99116 07755 or  shikha@acem7.com, (+91) 98737 50096 for specific details.

6. Who will be visiting ISTF EXPO 2023?

Purchase managers, Surface finishing, Electroplating, Coating processing enterprises, Automobile and motorcycle accessories manufacturers, Household electrical appliances manufacturers, Communication products manufacturers, IT Industry, Digital products Manufacturers, Hardware, electronics, lighting, Agencies dealing in surface treatment, toys manufacturers, R&D, purchasing managers, Production managers in manufacturing enterprises etc.

7. What are the timings for the exhibition?

The exhibition timing is from 10 am to 6 pm on the first and second day and 10 am to 5 pm on the third day.

8. Are there any visitor entry fees for the exhibition?

The exhibition is only for Trade/Business visitors. Entry to the exhibition is free, however, registration is mandatory. To register, follow the link: https://istfe.com/visitor-registration/ . (The exhibition isn’t related to general visitor).

9. How and when do I get exhibitor badges, lunch coupons, etc.?

For raw space booth, kindly collect your exhibitor kit from the registration counter two days prior to the exhibition. For shell space booths, collect your exhibitor kit one day prior to the exhibition from the registration counter.

10. When will the exhibitors get the exhibitor directory?

ISTF EXPO 2023 will have the exhibitor guide/directory uploaded on the website.

11. How do I get a no-dues certificate? 

We will email the no-dues certificate after the receipt of full payment towards the booths. You will receive a hard copy of the tax invoice by courier at your registered official address.

12. As an exhibitor, can I attend the conferences?

Yes! Conference is paid and you have to pre-register yourself for the conferences by booking a slot. Seats are limited and booked on a first-come-first-serve basis.

13. How do I get myself registered on the mailing list for future information?

You are by default included as per the details submitted in the Online Exhibitor Manual. Further you can email at shikha@acem7.com, to get yourself added in the Exhibition Manual.

14. What is the height of the booth including the name fascia for raw space? 

Exhibitors can increase stall height up to 12 ft in case of the raw stall. The final design must be approved by the organizers through the Exhibitor Manual.

15. What is the height of the booth including the name fascia for the shell space?

The height of the booth and name fascia is 10ft (maximum).

16. Can I use my own fascia?

You can put on your own fascia only if you have booked raw space. For shell spaces, the standard fascia will be provided.

17. When do I get possession of the booth for raw space and shell space?

Exhibitors who have taken raw space will get stall possession 48hrs prior to the exhibition and those who have taken shell space will get stall possession 24hrs prior.

18. Is there any weight constraint for the placement of equipment/machinery inside my booth?

No. There is no weight constraint for the placement of the equipment/machinery that you wish to display at the exhibition. However, the load capacity of the floor is 10MT.

19. What documents are required at the time of taking possession of the booth?

You are required to bring a participation letter along with a copy of no-due certificates for booth possession. Vendors must carry a hard copy of the letter of authorisation from the exhibitor to commence work at the allocated booth a copy of this letter must be submitted to the organiser.

20. What are the rules regarding booth dismantling and handing over after the exhibition?

On the last day, the booth should be dismantled by 8 pm, and all scrap should be disposed of by 12.00 am as the hall needs to be handed over for possession by other exhibition organizers. No damage to the property, other exhibitors, and/or organiser should be caused in the process.

21. Do I need to arrange insurance for our goods and products on display and other properties, in the event of theft, fire, etc.?

Yes! It is mandatory. Exhibitors should also insure for damage to personnel including their representatives and the visitors. Though the organiser has taken general insurance for the exhibition.

22. Which facilities are available at the exhibition venue?

Facilities at the venue include: a food court, security, and VIP business lounge for exhibitors, during all three days of the exhibition and all of the organizer’s staff will be available on-site during the construction period and also on exhibition days.

23. Is outside food allowed?

No! as per the rules of ITPO, no outside food is allowed inside the exhibition halls. Food courts will be set up. Water and food may be purchased from them.

24. Is the parking facility available at the venue?

Parking space is available at the venue and is free for exhibitor. For every 12 sqm one car pass will be given.

25. How do I register myself as a visitor?

Kindly visit https://istfe.com/visitor-registration/  and register yourself as a visitor. Pre-registered visitors may collect the badge/s from the pre-registration counter at the venue.

26. Can I just walk in and visit the exhibition, without any prior registration?

Although we suggest you to pre-register  on the spot registration facility is also available.

27. How do I get a visitor badge?

For both pre-registered and on-spot registered visitors, the visitor badges can be collected at the venue, from respective registration counters.

28. Can I visit the exhibition on all the days?

Yes, you can visit the exhibition on all three days. You only need to register once. Please follow the link

29. In case of any other concurrent events during the exhibition, can I attend the same as a visitor?

Yes! Conference (concurrent events) is paid and you have to pre-register yourself for the conferences by booking a slot. Seats are limited and booked on a first-come-first-serve basis.

30. Is there an age restriction to visit the show?

Yes! Those under 18 years of age are not allowed to enter the show since this show is for business purposes.